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Tips to Dry Clothes

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The quality and longevity of your clothes not only depends on the way you wash and store it but, also on the way you dry it. Here are a few tips that will help you dry your clothes in a quick and efficient way:

1. Do not overload the dryer

Never pack your clothes in the dryer all at once. This will prolong the drying time. Moreover,overloading the dryer will ultimately result in wrinkled garments. Keep the loads small and let the clothes easily tumble inside the dryer.

2. Use a portable clothes rack

This is the best way to dry clothes naturally and quickly. Hang all your wet clothes in a line. Maintain space between them. This facilitates airflow and facilitates quick drying. Set the portable clothes drying rack in the open. Do not put them under direct sunlight as it fades the color. In case you are drying clothes indoor, keep the clothesline near a window (in case there is plenty of breeze outside). Set a fan near the clothesline. This will also help the clothes dry quickly. In case you are looking for good quality clothes drying rack, then try EziDry. It is portable and strong and also comes with a hook and strap to anchor it in a windy weather.

3. Dry using an iron and a towel

This is yet another quick way of drying the clothes without damaging it. Lay the wet garment on the ironing board and top it with a dry towel. Now iron the towel thoroughly on high heat. Turn the garment and follow the same process. The towel absorbs moisture from the cloth and the iron helps facilitates quick drying. Never use an iron directly on a wet cloth. This stretches and damages the garment.

4. Use towel to Dry clothes

This is yet another safe way to quickly dry your clothes. Put your wet garment on a large and fluffy towel. Now, roll the towel with the garment still inside. Twist it- starting from one end to another. This squeezes the excess moisture out of the cloth. You can even put a dry towel while drying the clothes in your machine. The towel absorbs excess moisture and quickly dries the cloth. However, this trick works with smaller loads.

5. Wring the clothes before hanging them

Before you put the clothes for drying, twist and squeeze the excess moisture of the cloth. Be careful to do not wring the cloth too harshly as this will damage the fabric. Try wringing the cloth before tumble drying it in the machine. This also helps in quick drying.

6. Use a blow dryer

Use your hair dryer to quickly dry your clothes. Hold the blow dryer near the garment and keep on rotating it as you dry. Never point the blow dryer on a particular spot for long.

Before you go for any of these options, always read the labels in your garment carefully. This will help you ensure that you are treating the garments in a correct way.

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