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The Right Way of Doing Your Laundry

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Among all the other household chores, doing the laundry is probably the most boring one. However, you simply cannot avoid it. But do you think you are doing your laundry the right way? Now, you might be thinking what we mean by the “right way”! Well, to find the answer, read on!

1.Decode the Labels

The symbols on your clothing labels might appear like hieroglyphs but, have you ever tried to understand them? They tell you how to wash your clothes. Learn those laundry instructions before dumping your clothes directly into the washing machine.

2.Sort your Laundry

Before washing, do you separate the lighter hued clothes from the dark ones? Do you wash your muddy clothes separately? If no, then you must reconsider sorting your laundry. Separating your laundry might take a bit time but, it will save those fabrics. Do not wash light colored clothing with the dark ones. Check whether your clothes bleed or not. If they do, then wash them separately. Always wash the delicate fabric separately from the heavy ones (such as Jeans, Jackets etc.). When washing denim, turn them inside out. Remember to dry them on low temperature. This will prevent fading.

3.Use Detergent Carefully

You won’t believe but, there are also particular ways of loading your washing machine. If you are using a soap-based detergent, then always put your laundry first, add water, followed by the detergent. On the other hand, if you’re using bleach-based detergent, then add water first, then the detergent and lastly, your clothes.

4.Never Leave the Zippers open

Open or loose zippers can get stuck in your delicate clothes, eventually damaging them. It can even result in scratch marks on your front loading washer. Make sure that they are up before you put them in the washing machine.

5.Never Mix Socks with Clothes

Do you usually find yourself looking for that missing piece of sock from your bunch of laundry? If yes, then next time do not load your socks randomly with other laundry. Try putting them first, followed by other clothes. This will lessen the chances of the socks getting attached to other clothes.

These simple do’s and don’ts will make the process of laundry hassle free. It’ll also ensure that your clothes are in perfect condition. While drying your laundry, it is always better to air dry them instead of running the dryer. You can use clothes drying rack for drying your clothes safely. If you are looking for good quality clothes drying rack, why don’t you try EziDry clothesline? For more details, visit

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