• Could not imagine life without Ezidry Clothesline. Gave each of my kids one when they left home. Fantastic for indoors, outdoors... my son even uses one in his apartment bathroom. Love them!

    Alicia S.
  • The Ezidry Clothesline has measured up to all our expectations and the claims of versatility, ease of use and mobility. It has established itself as an essential part of our household. We find that we seldom use our fixed clothesline, as the portable indoor clothesline takes all of our washing and it has the advantage of being portable even when loaded with washing, to catch sunlight and breezes. Being constructed of non-corrosive materials we are happy to leave it outside our apartment in the balcony.

    Cherilyn D.
  • I write to let you know how thrilled I am with the Ezidry Clothesline. I have a very small balcony and for 10 years I have had a line draped across the balcony. Now that I have the Ezidry Clothesline I find that I can fit so much more washing on the portable clothes drying rack than I could on the old clothesline and if friends are coming I can so easily move it out of the way and pop it inside. I am absolutely delighted! Many thanks.

    Joey F.
  • I have an outside clothesline but find that I use the Ezidry Clothesline all the time.It's a portable wonder, takes the worry out of where to put the clothes. I find the Ezidry Clothesline holds all my washing including sheets and tablecloths. All you need is to follow a few simple hints about how and where you hang clothes.

    Cathy R.
  • The name Ezidry Clothesline is appropriate because that's exactly what it is. I use it all the time. I put clothes on it outside and if they aren't dry by dinner, I bring the portable clothes drying rack into the apartment just before we go to bed and everything is dry by morning. The kids can use it too; it's not out of their reach.

    Clothes care tips
    Marilyn M.
  • I have currently situated my Ezidry Clothesline on an upstairs apartment balcony, but it is so easily transported elsewhere as it is so light. It is the only Portable Indoor clothesline that I could find which has proven very sturdy and holds a substantial load of clothes. I am thrilled with my Ezidry Clothesline!

    Zena D.
  • Ezidry Clothes Line is simply outstanding. Earlier I had a clothesline that looked trashy, but after I bought a modern indoor retractable clothesline from Ezidry Clothes Line I am in love with it. No matter you need a retractable outdoor clothesline for one for indoor purpose they can have you covered. I use my retractable clothesline for hanging clothes to dry. It is an excellent means to conserve electricity.

    Riya Khan – Brownbook
  • As a housewife, it is very difficult to manage each and everything that fits into everyone’s requirements. A major concern was of clothes drying as I am staying in the flat and the task creates a huge mess. Then I brought my Ezidry Clothesline and it is so easily transported elsewhere as it is so light in weight. It is the only Portable Indoor cloth drying stand but also very strong and holds an extensive weight of clothes.

    Jack Davis – Brownbook
  • I moved to Singapore to resume my new job, and after work hours, I used to explore new places in the city. However, after 5 days, I noticed the huge pile of dirty clothes and my entire weekend got spoiled as after washing them, I had to dry them in batches over the grills in the balcony and all over my furniture. I came to know about EziDry’s clothes rack. I ordered it on the very next day and due to its ample space, I can now easily dry the clothes of the entire week without any hassles or wastage of time. It is easy and light to move, lock and store. I must say that their range of products is quite innovative, that’s why I have also ordered their clothes hanger.

    Armaan Malik – Brownbook