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8 Tips to Care for Delicate Clothes

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Delicate clothing and fabrics require an extra attention and care. With these little tips, you too can effectively care for delicate clothes:

1. Pay attention to the Instructions

Every garment in your closet comes with a label mentioning washing and caring instructions. Go through them. This will give you a basic idea of how to properly care for the garment. Check for specific instructions such as “do not iron” or “dry clean only.” Follow these instructions. This will make your work easier.

2. Hand wash your clothes

Never put delicate fabrics into the washing machine. Instead, hand wash them properly. To do this, use lukewarm water and add a mild detergent to it. Gently put the garments in the soap-water solution. Though soaking is essential for effective cleaning but, be careful with specific garments and colors. For instance, never soak bright colored silk garments more than 5 minutes. This damages the fabric and the color. Never scrub the garments. Gently rinse it till the dirt comes out. If the stains refuse to go, wash it for a few more loads.

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