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5 Tips to Maintain Cotton Clothes

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Cotton is the comfort fabric for summers. It is light, comfortable and breathable. However, if you want your cotton garments to last through and into the next summers, then it is important to take proper care of them. Here are a few valuable tips for maintaining your cotton garments:

1. Treat the Stains

Cotton clothes tend to absorb sweat and your body oils. This makes them prone to stains. Use a stain remover to treat specific areas of the garment. Target the areas that are exposed to sweat and chemicals (contained in deodorants). This includes the areas near the armpits and the neckline. Treating the fabric in the right way also helps to treat odor as well.

2. Laundry Care for Cotton

Cotton tends to shrink. Check whether your garments are sanforized or not. If not, then do not wash them in hot water. This will shrink them. Also, hand wash the garments for its longevity. In case you are using a washing machine, separate the lighter clothes from the heavier ones. Turn them inside out while washing. Separate the colored clothes from white ones.

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