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How to care for silk clothes?

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Silk is a delicate fabric that demands special care. Since it is a natural fiber and therefore, cannot be treated like the other garments and fabrics in your wardrobe. Here is a simple guide to caring for this luxurious fabric:

Care for Silk Clothes

1. Read the Label

Fabrics come with washing instructions. Read them carefully. Follow the recommended washing instruction for the silk cloth. Hand washing silk clothes and ironing them is acceptable in a few cases; however, if the label reads “dry clean only”, then stick to that.

2. Wash Carefully

It is preferable to hand wash silk clothes in either cold or lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent or non-alkaline detergent for washing silk. Bright colored silk garments tend to bleed. Check this before washing the garment. Dip a cotton ball in the detergent solution and dab it on your silk garment.

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