• 1. Larger items such as sheets and towels should be placed on the inner lines and smaller items on the outer lines for improved stability.
  • 2. Sheets should be folded in half (lengthwise from top to toe of bed) and may be hung on the Ezidry clothesline in three ways: –
    • Peg the doubled sheet along one line and bring the remainder towards yourself and peg back along the line in front of the previous line as if your doing a U-turn.
    • Place folded sheet over two lines.
    • Peg one end of the sheet to a line and loop the remainder towards yourself and peg back along the line in front of the previous line as if your doing a U-turn. (like a sling).
  • 3. Towels and floor mats will dry much quicker if placed horizontally.
  • 4. Washing should be evenly balanced on both sides of the Ezidry clothesline.
  • 5. When placing trousers on the line, peg the front to one line and the back to another which allows air to flow through.
  • 6. Quilts and covers, doonas, woolen underlays and any other large item can be draped over the top of the Ezidry clothesline. It is suggested that a clean dry sheet be placed between the Ezidry clothesline and item to prevent the fabric from being soiled by any dust that may have settled on the Ezidry clothesline. Also, by placing four folded hand towels on each corner of the Ezidry clothesline, this will alleviate the fabric taking on the shape of the end bars. This can apply to delicate items also.
  • 7. When taking quilts etc. off the clothesline, we recommend folding the corners into the centre of the clothesline before lifting off.
  • 8. We suggest not placing the Ezidry clothesline out in the open on windy days unless it is tethered using the strap provided. The Ezidry clothesline has 3 securing loops (one at each end and on at the centre) underneath the main bar where the strap supplied can be attached. The other end can be hooked to a tent peg or sandbag. If using a tent peg on a grassed area, push it into the ground on an angle to help secure the Ezidry clothesline.
  • 9. The Ezidry clothesline may be stored on two hooks behind a door or on a wall.
  • 10. Coat hangers can be used for extra hanging space. The Leg brace between each set of legs can hold up to 12 coat hanging at each end for a total of 24 coat hanging spaces. This is very useful if you find you are still running out of line space.
  • 11. Its ok to leave pegs on the Ezidry Clothesline so that they are readily available. This is very helpful for people with mobility problems.
  • 12. Keep the Ezidry clothesline clean by wiping with a damp cloth as this will prevent dust from building up on the surface which may cause soiling of your clean clothes. Spray the end bars where the lines are threaded. This will stop unwelcome guests taking up residence.

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