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Keep Your Denim Clean: Follow These Simple Steps

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Irrespective of gender, denim are a staple of every wardrobe. Jeans, jackets, shirts- denim come in a myriad of style and design and looks great with almost anything. It is the best way to add spark to your wardrobe. You might also have that favourite pair of jeans that you cannot do without. We understand that it feels really bad to say goodbye to them. And that is why, we are here to help you keep your denims clean and make them last longer. Want to know how? Then read on:

1.When it comes to denim, retaining its original color is very important. Washing in water and soap will fade the denim over time. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on dying your denim, try soaking them in vinegar. Add a cup of white vinegar (distilled) in a bucket of cold water. Soak your denim jackets or jeans for an hour. Dry it afterwards. Don’t worry about that peculiar smell of vinegar. It will go away as your denim dry.

2.Never tumble dry your denim. When you put them in high temperature, your denim shrinks. Tumbling your denim further will hasten the process of wear and tear. Just air dry them. You can put them on foldable clothes drying rack and keep it in the air. Just make sure that you do not put them in direct sunlight.

3.It is better to hand-wash your denim. You can use just a bit of mild detergent for cleaning the dirt from it. Just soak them in water and detergent for and hour. Rinse it with cold water and hang them for drying.

4.Want to quickly freshen up your denim? Try freezing them. This might sound crazy but, it actually works. Freezing the denim kills the odor-causing bacteria. Just put them in the freezer overnight and see the magic.

5.You can also try giving the denim a steam shower. The water vapour won’t cause your denims to stretch or shrink.

These simple ways will help you to keep your denim clean and increase their longevity. Looking for a portable clothes dryer for hanging your denim? Why don’t try EziDry clothes line? These portable clothes lines are strong, durable and you can carry them anywhere. Visit for more details.

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