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How to care for silk clothes?

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Silk is a delicate fabric that demands special care. Since it is a natural fiber and therefore, cannot be treated like the other garments and fabrics in your wardrobe. Here is a simple guide to caring for this luxurious fabric:

Care for Silk Clothes

1. Read the Label

Fabrics come with washing instructions. Read them carefully. Follow the recommended washing instruction for the silk cloth. Hand washing silk clothes and ironing them is acceptable in a few cases; however, if the label reads “dry clean only”, then stick to that.

2. Wash Carefully

It is preferable to hand wash silk clothes in either cold or lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent or non-alkaline detergent for washing silk. Bright colored silk garments tend to bleed. Check this before washing the garment. Dip a cotton ball in the detergent solution and dab it on your silk garment. If the color comes off, then instead of hand washing it, go for dry cleaning. This protects the color of your silk garment. In case you are machine washing your silk garment, then keep the spin cycles slow and avoid tumble drying it. While hand washing, never let the silk garment soak for more than 5 to 10 minutes. After washing, rinse the silk cloth with a solution of vinegar and water. This removes soap residue and restores shine.

3. Stain Removal

Spot treating the garment has a damaging effect on the fabric. Rubbing a particular area might fade the color. For stain removal, wash the entire garment. In case the stains are dark, dry clean it.

4. Drying the garment

Avoid twisting and wringing the silk garment to drain water after washing. This damages the fabric. Instead, hang your garment using a clothesline. This dries the cloth effectively and also, helps avoid creases. As a result, it reduces the amount of ironing required. In case you are looking for a retractable clothesline try EziDry clothesline. It is super light, durable and portable and is suitable for small spaces.

Proper storage of your silk garments is equally important to protect it from moths and ensure its longevity.

1. Clean the silk garments before storing it.

This is important as moths usually feed on protein. They get attracted to food stains and human hair. Moreover, the residue of sweat on the garment provides the moisture, turning your garment into a breeding ground for the moths.

2. Use Storage bags or garment covers

Fold the silk garments and put them in breathable storage bags before storing them. Avoid plastic garment bags as it results in moisture build-up and attracts moth. Use cotton bags instead. In case you are storing the garment for long, then periodically bring it out and hang in an airy place. Keep a moth-repellent in the storage bag. This prevents any further damages to your silk clothing.

A proper care ensures that your silk garments retains its sheen and quality and also, last for years.

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