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I know it is important to wipe your clothesline just before you hang your laundry so that you can wipe off any sign of rust, dust or corrosion. It is good to do so but it is no longer necessary. The reason we keep wiping our clothes lines is because there has been a history of using lines that are made from biodegradable materials. This is to say that with time, you start to see the effects of the sun and extreme temperature conditions coupled with moisture.


Too much heat is damaging because synthetic materials are known to crack and lose their elasticity in hot weather. There are areas where the sun is not too hot but those who live in areas bordering the major deserts of the world know how destructive the sun can be. Tropical regions like Singapore have high temperature months that would see a visitor not want to go outdoors for weeks. If these high temperatures manage to change the color white into a yellowish hue, imagine how much it changes the structure of the cloth line fibers. Regular clothe lines will expand in the heat and when heavy clothes are hanged, they tend to break.


It is a fact that when it is cold, clothes hanged outside to dry may take days or weeks and even when they finally dry, they will be moldy and damp. When it is cold, the tumble dryer gets a lot of work because it seems to be the only alternative. Regular clothe lines become so tight in the cold and this is usually a recipe for disaster. Often the contraction means that there is less space for hanging clothes and the nature of the line is weakened.


Most dryers are made from materials that wear off after an extended period of exposure to water. When tumble dryer parts begin to rust or decay, the clothes that are put inside may get stains and some of these are not easy to remove. The result is damaged clothes and the expense of replacing a dryer which is costly. Using Ezidry clothes drying racks on the other and ensures that laundry is clean all the time and it does not wear out due to age on constant use. When the need to replace or buy an additional Ezidry clothesline arises, the cost is affordable.

Ezidry clotheslines are designed to handle adverse weather conditions. To make the structure lightweight and portable, the mainframe, legs and crossbars are made of aluminum whereas the bolts and fasteners are made from stainless steel. See the structure from and you won’t leave without a purchase.

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