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Cheers to practical innovations that simplfy the laundry experience

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There is no greater innovation than that one which makes our lives easier. For a long time, the challenge of space has been a real issue in urban areas. Now more than ever, elderly people are finding themselves in apartments that they need to run by themselves. The Ezidry clothes line innovation seems like it has come to the rescue of so many situations around modern living.

Old age living

Senior citizens living alone will want to do things the way they did them when they were younger. With regards to washing clothes, many people born in the dawn of the 20th century still prefer to dry clothes on a clothesline as opposed to an electric dryer. To make life comfortable for old people, the Ezidry clothesline provides the best alternative to going outside to hang your clothes. With old age, the issue of mobility becomes a concern and most senior citizens have walking aids. Since the height of the Ezidry clothesline is low, it is possible to hang clothes when you are seated.

Airing clothes

When you have very many clothes in your closet, you may at some point in time realize that there are others that you have been wearing too much while some are still new but not worn. These rarely worn clothes require to be aired every now and then and what better way to do it than on the Ezidry clothesline. Without having to take your clothes out in the sun or washing them again, clothes can be hanged on the Ezidry clothesline to run air through them.

Drip drying

Drip drying is one of the most common techniques used to dry clothes that are made out of delicate material such as silk. Since it is not advisable to wring such clothes, the best method of preserving their fineness and texture is by allowing them to remove the water naturally. If clothes hug outside are let to drip dry, they would take a long time to dry and the scorching effects of the sun would damage the texture.

The convenience of using an Ezidry clothesline over the tumble dryer, pole dryer and other conventional methods of laundry drying cannot be ignored. The use of this dryer has already started to change the laundry experience in Singapore by bringing positive change. It is possible to also reap the benefits of this design of clothesline if only we could open up our minds to new possibility. A line can be bought from

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