About Us

Forget the traditional ways of drying clothes.No need to spend a fortune on installing mounted dryers or purchasing drying machines. Ezidry brings for you most innovative portable clothes line at a price that can match your budget.

Ezidry portable clothes line is a result of extensive research by our team of experts. The innovative design and easy to handle features will revolutionise your way of drying clothes.

This portable clothes line is constructed by using power-coated Aluminium and stainless steel fixings. This makes it full weather-resistant and rust-proof. You can leave it outside permanently without any worries.

Ezidry portable clothes line doesn’t take much space. If you live in small apartments or houses, Ezidry clothes line is perfect for you. Its height allows you to hang the clothes vertically without folding it. The adequate spaces facilitate airflow evenly, thus, drying your laundry quickly. The specially designed locking system under the main bar makes it easy for you to handle it easily. The unique design of Ezidry clothes line makes it ultra-light and ultra strong. Weighing only 2.8 kgs, you can easily carry this clothes line to any place. Its ultra-strong built makes it endure a full wash load. You can easily use clothes hanger for drip-drying your laundry. Just put the hangers at the end of the line bars.

Ezidry clothes line is loved by busy people. Its unique features allow you to quickly load it. Now you need not worry about your clothes getting wet in rain water or damaged by the harsh sun rays. Unlike traditional drying poles, you can move Ezidry and simply put it under the shade. Ezidry is also perfect for elderly people because of its ideal size and weight.

You can use Ezidry clothes line as an airer, which saves your time! Say no to complex laundry drying techniques and bring home Ezidry today for a hassle free experience.