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8 Tips to Care for Delicate Clothes

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Delicate clothing and fabrics require an extra attention and care. With these little tips, you too can effectively care for delicate clothes:

1. Pay attention to the Instructions

Every garment in your closet comes with a label mentioning washing and caring instructions. Go through them. This will give you a basic idea of how to properly care for the garment. Check for specific instructions such as “do not iron” or “dry clean only.” Follow these instructions. This will make your work easier.

2. Hand wash your clothes

Never put delicate fabrics into the washing machine. Instead, hand wash them properly. To do this, use lukewarm water and add a mild detergent to it. Gently put the garments in the soap-water solution. Though soaking is essential for effective cleaning but, be careful with specific garments and colors. For instance, never soak bright colored silk garments more than 5 minutes. This damages the fabric and the color. Never scrub the garments. Gently rinse it till the dirt comes out. If the stains refuse to go, wash it for a few more loads.

3. Do not let the stains sit

Treat stains immediately. Leaving the stains are going to set them in the fabric. To avoid this, soak the garment immediately in water. For organic stains such as blood or fat, never use hot water. This will only worsen the stain. Use cold water instead. For inorganic stains such as dirt and oils, use warm water. Use stain sprays to immediately treat the stains.

4. Avoid Fading by Washing Inside out

Colors tend to fade when the garments rub against each other while washing.
Washing denim and other dark colored clothes inside out prevents fading.

5. Use a Clothesline

Avoid using the dryer, instead, try drying your clothes in a clothesline. Hang your delicate clothes in a clothesline after washing them. This also prevents creases and thus, avoids the requirement of ironing. This also reduces your electricity bills. Are you looking for  a good quality clothesline? If yes, then try EziDry portable clothesline. Our clothesline is super durable, portable and can fit into small spaces.

6. Check Whether the color bleeds or not

Nothing is more frustrating than ruining your delicate clothes with color stains. Be careful for bright colored clothes. Wash them separately to avoid staining your whites. Also, do not use bleach for colored clothes. While it makes your whites whiter, it will damage the colored ones.

7. Use steamer instead of irons

Too much heat is bad for delicate clothes. Use steamer as it uses moisture and heat to straighten the creases. Also, it saves a lot of time.

8. Store Wisely

Do not stack all clothes together in the closet. Give them a breathing space. Use hangers to store the clothes. This will avoid unnecessary wrinkles. You can even use storage bags to keep your delicate clothing. Do not hang woolen garments. This can stretch them. Instead, fold and keep them in shelves.

These simple tips will help you extend the longevity and quality of your delicate clothing.

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