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8 Easy Drying Tips for Clothes

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Want to learn ways to cut down on drying time? Follow these simple methods to dry your clothes when you are in hurry:

1.Use a towel

Reduce your cloth drying time by using a towel. When drying clothes in the dryer, throw a clean and dry towel into it. The dry towel soaks the excess moisture. This significantly reduces the moisture level inside the dryer and facilitates quick drying for each clothing. However, this process works best when the number of wet clothes is less. Avoid putting more than two wet garments at a time. This reduces the effectiveness of the process.

2.Wring the Clothes Properly

Hold the washed items with your hands and wrench them until the fabric releases the excess water. Do not wrench too hard or else you will damage the fabric. Do this before you tumble dry your clothes. This reduces the drying time.

3.Use a drying rack for clothes

Hang washed clothes on clothesline or drying racks. Ensure that there is enough gap between each garment. As it improves ventilation, increases air flow and thus, facilitates quick drying. Place the drying rack or portable clothesline in the balcony or lawn so the clothes dry quickly. If drying indoors, try placing it near the window.

4.Use Iron and Towel For Easy Drying

Place the wet cloth on the ironing board. Place a towel on top of the wet cloth and iron the towel on high heat. Turn the cloth and repeat the process on the other side as well. The towel absorbs the excess moisture from the cloth while the iron facilitates easy drying. Avoid putting the hot iron directly on wet cloth this damages the fabric.

5.Use a Dehumidifier

Humidity inside your home reduces the drying time when you are drying clothes indoors during bad weather conditions. Install a dehumidifier in your home. This helps reduce the moisture content inside your home, thus facilitates quick drying.

6.Flip the Clothes Occasionally

Do the clothes in your clothesline take much time to dry? Try giving it an occasional flip when halfway through the drying process. This exposes both the surface of the clothes to air, facilitating quick drying.

7.Use Hangers

Using hangers is also a great way of drying clothes quickly and easily. When drying indoor, put those hangers near a ceiling fan or a window. Using hangers facilitates more airflow to each part of the garment, thus, drying it effectively.Want to buy a clothesline for you home? If yes, then check the specification of EziDry clothesline.

8.Use a blow Dryer

You can even use a blow dryer to dry the clothes spot by spot. Flip the garment frequently and do not hold the dryer in one place for long.

These easy tips and tricks will help you dry your clothes much effectively.

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