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7 Laundry Must-Haves

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From clothes drying racks to stain removers, these laundry tools will make your laundry day an easy one. Want to know more? If yes, then here, we have discussed a few must-have items that will help you streamline your laundry:

1. Laundry Hampers

Laundry hampers are essential organizing tools. It makes your laundry efforts less daunting as these help you organize the dirty clothes. Use these hampers to sort your laundry items. You can store dirty clothes separately as per their fabric, color and washing methods. These can be easily stored and are convenient to use.

2. Mesh Bags

Do you often find it difficult to find your socks in the pile of cleaned clothes? If yes, then buy mesh bags. These are easy to use and are great for cleaning delicate items such as lingerie. Put the small items in the mesh bag, tie it and put the entire thing in the washing machine.

3. Clothes Rack

A portable clothes drying rack makes it easy for you to air dry your clothes. Using clothes rack saves electricity and also protects the fabrics from damage caused by machine drying. You can easily use these clothesline in small spaces. Are you looking for a good quality clothesline? If yes, then check EziDry Portable clothesline. These are ultra-light and strong enough. Our clothesline is coated with aluminium and has stainless steel fixing which makes it weather resistant.

4. Tools for Stain Removal

Right tools make stain removal easy for you. Keep stain removal tools such as cornstarch , petroleum jelly in your laundry room. These products when applied to grease and oil stains, absorb them and prevent the stain from spreading. Stain removers can be used to pre-treat the stains before you wash the clothes. You can even keep oxygen-based bleach for effective stain removal.

5. Measuring Cup

When it comes to detergents, knowing the right measurement is essential for ensuring that your clothes are cleaned properly. Every pack of detergent comes with a specific measurement for washing clothes. And this is where a measuring cup comes handy. This is important for preventing overuse of detergent, bleach and liquid softener.

6. Ironing board

A portable ironing board is essential for getting perfectly ironed clothes. You can either install a built-in iron board or keep a portable one. A built-in iron board is more convenient in terms of storage. When not in use, you can easily tuck it away.

7. Clear Containers or Jars

When it comes to storing laundry supplies such as detergents, bleach etc., nothing can beat these jars or containers. You can easily keep a check on the supplies and it’s easy for you to find the product right away.

These must-have laundry items will make your laundry process effective and doing laundry won’t feel like a daunting task anymore.

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