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6 Laundry Basics You Must Know

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Doing the laundry isn’t appealing at all but, at some or the other point of time, everyone has to do it. In that case, if you get the basics right, then it makes your job easier. Here are the must-know basics of doing laundry in the right way:

1.Sort your Laundry

This is the first step before you wash your clothes. To do it in the right way, divide the laundry according to color. Segregate the whites from the lights and darks. You can even sort the laundry according to the type of clothing such as synthetics (nylon and    polyester) and natural fibers (linen and cotton). Separate the soiled clothes from the rest of your laundry as these require heavy washing and separate treatment from other garments.

2.Treat the Stains

Pretreatment of stains is essential. Otherwise, the stains tend to set on the clothes and become difficult to remove. Apply a stain remover on the stains and rub the area. Let is set for a few minutes and then wash it in lukewarm water.

3.Wash the Clothes

Once you have treated the stains, it’s time to wash them. Load the clothes according to the colors. Wash the dark colored clothes in cold water and use warm water for lighter clothes. Do not add detergent directly to the washing machine. Dissolve it in a cup of hot water first and then add it. This prevents the powder from leaving any residue. For whites, add detergent and bleach to the water. Wait for the rinse cycle before adding liquid softener. For washing the delicate clothes, place the items in a mesh bag and wash in cold water.

4. Dry the Clothes

Once the clothes are clean, sort the items for drying. Tumble dry heavy clothing (such as denim). Use a clothesline for drying delicate garments. In case you are using a dryer for other items, then do not completely dry them. Instead, take them out when they are damp and hang them in open air. This helps maintain shape and avoid creases. Looking for a good clothesline? Bring home EziDry foldable clothes drying racks today. Our clothesline is specially designed to offer convenience and it can be also used as an airer.

5. Iron the clothes

Don’t forget to go through the label before you iron a garment. For instance, cotton is a durable fabric and therefore, can be ironed. On the other hand,ironing delicate fabrics such as silk and satin can damage the fabric.

6. Storage

Fold the clothing appropriately and store them in a cool dry place. Hang your shirts and dresses on a hanger. This allows breathing spaces for the fabric. Do not stack up all the folded items in one closet. Distribute it. Also, put moth repellent to avoid any further damage to the clothes.

These laundry basics will help you sort your laundry and make it easier for you to perform the laundry chores.

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