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6 Easy Ways to Remove Stain

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What do you do when you accidentally spill tea or coffee or pasta sauce on your favorite dress? You do not have to bid farewell to that dress anymore. These quick tips and tricks will help you in easy removal of stains:

1. Methylated Spirit

Got a ketchup stain on your shirt? Don’t worry. In such situation, rinse the shirt in cold water quickly. Then apply methylated spirit on the stain and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash the shirt in warm water and dab the area with dishwashing soap. Use diluted white vinegar to remove any remaining stain.

2. Oxygen Bleach

Often, excess perspiration can cause dirty yellowish stains. Such stains can be easily removed using Oxygen bleach. Pretreat the area using Oxygen bleach. Once done, use diluted white vinegar to remove any further stain. Finally, wash the cloth in warm water with an enzyme based detergent.

3. Alcohol based products

Alcohol based products such as hairspray, rubbing alcohol or isopropyl, nail polish remover and hand sanitizers are effective in stain removal, particularly ink stains. Soak the stained area with any of these products for 10 minutes. Now apply liquid detergent on that area and rub it with your fingers. Now wash the fabric in the washing machine with your regular laundry detergent.

4. Distilled White Vinegar

Distilled White vinegar is not only a germ killer but also a great stain remover, especially blood stains. Dab the stained area with distilled white vinegar and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After that, wash it using your regular detergent and see the stain vanish in minutes.

5. Cornstarch

This kitchen ingredient is also a super easy and natural way of removing oil stains. In case you have accidentally spilled oil on your shirt, do not panic. Cover that area with cornstarch and leave it for about half an hour. After that, dust the cornstarch off and rub dish washing soap on that stain for about 10 minutes. Wash the shirt with your regular detergent. Once done, air dry the cloth using a clothesline.

6. Lemon and Water Solution

This is not only a great detox drink but also remove stains. This is  effective in removing deodorant stains and sweat stains. Soak the stained area with a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and water. Now hang the cloth under the sun for several hours. If you are looking for a good clothesline for your home, then check EziDry portable clothesline. It is convenient to use and can be stored easily.

Also, remember to treat the stains immediately. Also, keep the stained area away from heat as it’ll make the stain difficult to remove. Hopefully, these points will help you identify the steps involved in easy stain removal.

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