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5 Ways of Keeping Your Clothes Fresh While Traveling

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Whether you are on a business trip or on a vacation, the last thing you want is musty and wrinkled clothing. Majority of the travelers have this universal problem. No matter how carefully you pack your bags, your clothes always emerge with countless wrinkles. You may not mind those wrinkles while on leisure trips. However, when its business, wrinkles are serious cause of concern.

The good news for you is- this problem is avoidable. Want to know how? Just follow these simple tricks:

1.Roll your Clothes

Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. Rolling your shirts, skirts, and pants prevents any creases on your clothes. Also, it saves a lot of space. Give it a try and we bet that you won’t complain again.

2. Consider having a Dust bag

Pack your shoes in a dust bag. Even if your shoes are brand new, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you do not want your favorite white shirt to emerge dirty out of your suitcase, consider keeping your shoes in a dust bag. Also, you can keep the used and fresh clothes separately. This will ensure that your fresh clothing doesn’t get dirty.

3.Hang your Clothes

If you are traveling for only a day or two, then you can also consider taking your clothes out and hang them. Make sure that they do not touch each other. This will help you to keep your clothes fresh. Even when you are re-wearing your clothes, hanging them will make them stink less. If traveling by car, you can even carry portable drying clothes rack.

4.Check if the Hotel offers Iron

If you think you’ll need an iron, check with your hotel if they provide one. Many hotels provide laundry service at additional costs. If you want, you can avail that as well.

5.Keep a garment bag

If you are carrying any fancy garment and want to protect it while traveling, consider using a garment bag. There are various types of garment bag available in the market. All of them serve the common purpose of keeping your clothes separate and in good condition. Try not to toss multiple garments in one bag. You can keep one or two special piece of clothing in that bag. Rest, you can roll and pack in your suitcase.

These simple tricks will help you to keep your clothes in good condition while you travel. If you are considering buying a portable clothes rack, you can try EziDry. Our clothing lines are durable, ultra-light, and affordable. For more details, visit

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