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5 Amazing Laundry Tips and Tricks

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In case you find it difficult to manage your laundry, we have compiled a list of simple and amazing laundry tips and tricks for you. From keeping your whites white to remove the toughest stain, these tips will help you sort your laundry like a pro:

1.Color Code your laundry

While doing your laundry, do you toss your brights with whites? Well, if yes, then you are doing it wrong. The first rule of managing your laundry is to separate the colored and the white outfits. However, if you still managed to mix that bright red sock with your white shirt, do not fret. Soak the damp white cloth in a solution of lukewarm water, 1/2 cup of salt, baking soda and 1/2 cup detergent. This will remove the colored stains.

2. Keep your Darks from Fading

Though the faded and distressed look is very much in but, if you are still worried about your fading blacks and other dark clothing, then we have a solution. During the rinse and spin cycle, put 2 cups of brewed coffee or tea into it. This will keep your black outfits black. For other dark colors such as plum or navy blue, add a cup of table salt to the machine’s rinse cycle. To keep the denim from fading, soak them in a solution of white vinegar and water before you wash them for the first time. While washing, turn then inside out and wash in cold water.

3. Get rid of Odor

Nothing can be more annoying than a smelly piece of clothing! Most of the time people tend to put their sweaty clothes or socks in the basket for weeks before washing them. This makes it difficult to get rid of the smell even with detergent wash. Here is a simple trick: add 1/2 cup baking soda in water and soak the smelly clothing for about 2 hours. After washing them with detergent, add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the machine’s rinse cycle. This trick works for new clothing that smells of dye.

4. Dry Clothes Properly

Using a dryer after every wash shoots up your electricity bill. Try air drying your washed clothes. Get a durable clothesline and hang the damp clothes in the sun. You can check the EziDry clothesline. We promise a 100% satisfaction or 30-day money back offer on our product. For more details, please visit

5. Make your detergent work better

Do you think that your detergent fails to make the cut? If yes, then try boosting your detergent’s performance with this simple trick: add baking soda to the machine’s rinse cycle.

These little secrets will help keep your linens, shirts and jacket cleaner and make you laundry-day less stressful.

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